Collaborate by putting up posters in local solidarity business.

If you have enought free time and you want to collaborate by volunteering your time, this is a great esta es una initiative to give visibility to the campaign.

With this initiative you will be ablet to contribute by visiting local businesses in your neighbourhood or city and giving them posters that they will put them up in their local business. However, and before you get started you must, be sure that you fulfill these requirements:


  • Be sure you have being given the express consent just to put up the poster. Your best option is tell him or her what campaing is intended for and let him some posters in order him or her to put them up later by him or herself.

  • Never put up a poster in a space that you don't know is forbidden or not. The responsability remains on us, and this is just a solidarity campaing which only finds to encourage people to donate Bone Marrow; if you get in doubts about you can or cannot put up a poster, just leave it and go for the next.


Once you have got this checks, you have two ways of collaborating putting up posters:

I can collaborate...

taking charge of impression


Great! Since this campaign has been started by private individuals, we highly appreciate you are able to collaborate like this.

Next you'll find two links where you can download different format images that you can take or send to the print shop next to you. Normally you will be able to do it both fisically and as a file in a pendrive as well as sending it by email, so we encourage you to previously contact them in order to know if they offer that online-service.

I can collaborate...

without taking change of printing

Cool, then we will send them for you to print shop we agree and you only have to go there and pick them up when they notify us posters are ready.

In that specific case, better will be you get in contact with us to agree how to do it.

In both cases we'll be glad you send us some pictures showing posters put up (along with the town they are in) in order to include them in a future Photo Gallery.

Contact us